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Keynote Speaker Announced!

Innovate to Lead: Anne Dagg's Odyssey in the Wilderness of Knowledge

In 1956, 23-year-old Canadian biologist, Anne Innis Dagg, made an unprecedented solo journey to South Africa to become the first Western scientist to study giraffes in the wild. Upon returning to Canada, armed with her unparalleled knowledge in the field of giraffe study, Anne faced unsurmountable sexism in academia that prevented her from achieving tenure and advancing her career. For three decades, Dagg was absent from the giraffe world until 2010 when she was sought out by a group of female giraffologists and not just brought back into the research community, but finally celebrated for her extraordinary work.

Anne and her daughter Mary will showcase how we can BePrepared when we: challenge our expectations, question our data, revisit our theories, and lead in our own way. 

Conference BePrepared Theme

Technological developments in recent years are nothing short of remarkable. Geospatial disciplines are evolving along with many of the technological changes that present growth opportunities for individuals and businesses. Some of the developments, such as Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins represent a quantum leap forward in the way we access, interact and use information.

To stay relevant in the field, geospatial and information professionals should “BePrepared”.

They should be aware of how these technological developments and trends can be applied to their work, continually learn new skills and adapt to the ever-changing work environment.

Geospatial plays a crucial role in many industries and is also impacted by technological breakthroughs that are affecting designing and creating business solutions. Some of the skills the geospatial industry requires are:

  • Creative systems thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Big Data, Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence
  • Understanding of ethical and privacy concerns
  • Service orientation and customer service
  • Remote Work and Collaboration

The 2024 Annual General Meeting virtual conference BePrepared (May 1st and 2nd, 2024) will provide an opportunity for geospatial and information professionals to showcase their achievements, and best practices and discuss challenges in preparing for and adapting to the predicted and unpredicted changes in future.

The Locus Charter

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is more important than ever to consider the ethical and responsible use of Location Data.  BeSpatial Ontario is proud to be the first organization in Canada to officially endorse and support the Locus Charter, and we encourage our members to understand and implement its principles in their day-to-day activities.  To learn more about the Locus Charter, click here.

BeSpatial's President - Peter Hettstedt 

YPN - YOUNG Professionals Network

Stay tuned for upcoming YPN events Connect with YPN for breaking news.

BeSpatial provides  opportunities for professional development , valuable information and updates about what is happening in your field, a chance to visit with exhibitors to learn about their new products and services and networking with others in the geospatial and information community and much more...

Congratulations to

Our YPN Draw Winners! 

Ryan Bunting, Conservation Halton, the winner of the YPN - Career Development session draw

Evangeline Emanuel, Furgo, the winner of the YPN-GISP 101 session draw

Charmalee Sandanayake, City of Peterborough, the winner of our Summer Feedback Survey Draw

Jakub Ripley, Aquafor Beech, the winner of our YPN - Mentorship Launch Draw! 

Highlights from BeSpatial 2023

BeSpatial Ontario is dedicated to geospatial innovation and knowledge sharing, exemplified by BeSpatial 2023's theme "BeCreative!" that emphasizes unity amidst change. Our use of a virtual platform for BeSpatial 2023 once again furthered this mission by facilitating diverse attendance and fostering inclusivity from all across Ontario. We would like to thank our sponsors, and hope to see you at our in-person regional events planned throughout the year. 


BeSpatial Annual Event And Expo is a once a year opportunity that will provide you with professional development, valuable information and updates about what is happening in your field, a chance to visit with exhibitors to learn about their new products and services and networking with others in the geospatial and information community and much more...


There are various opportunities throughout the year to present: - a webinar, at a regional event or at the BeSpatial annual event? Fill in the online form or contact Programs


BeSpatial Program Events

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Planning and scheduling of some great webinars is well underway for Fall 2023 and Winter/Spring 2024.  

Some of these webinars may sound familiar to BeSpatial attendees and you would be right! These amazing presenters from the BeSpatial annual event have agreed to provide a more detailed presentation from their BeSpatial event session.  Stay tuned for more information and registration details!

BeSpatial Annual events and past webinar presentations are available for viewing in our member's area. 

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