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Announcement For Community Partners - (Sponsors, Corporate or Sustaining Members Only)

BeSpatial Ontario is excited to tell you about an annual service we have for our geospatial and information community partners who hold current Sponsor and/or Sustaining membership. Each month, in one of our e-News, we are offering an option to include a Profile (examples below). The profiles will be posted first-come-first-served.

Corporate and Regular members... interested in Promoting your company online for the full year? Consider upgrading to a Sustaining Or Sponsor level. For more details, visit: Sponsors and Sustaining member Page

Please email INFO to submit a profile a 250 word profile about your company or a project that you are working on that might be of interest. Then, keep an eye on the e-News! Feel free to include your corporate logo.

BeSpatial'24 - Platinum Sponsor

Esri Canada Logo

Esri Canada provides geographic information system (GIS) solutions that empower people in government, business and education to make informed and timely decisions by leveraging the power of mapping and spatial analytics. GIS facilitates operational awareness and multi-agency collaboration.

Municipal, provincial and federal governments leverage Esri technology to improve service delivery, accountability and fiscal management. Location analytics reveal patterns, risks and opportunities that can enhance infrastructure/asset management, economic development, land use planning, census and elections, routing and dispatch of government services. This technology also enables greater transparency, allowing residents to access more information online.


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Teranet is Canada's leader in the delivery and transformation of statutory registry services with extensive expertise in land and commercial registries. It also provides insightful property intelligence and data solutions to thousands of customers in the real estate, financial services, government, utilities, and legal markets.

As a trusted provider of Master Data Management (MDM) solutions and services to government, utilities, and commercial enterprises, Teranet enables customers to improve their decision-making processes by providing reliable property information, location intelligence capabilities, and a world-class customer experience. Teranet clients can access the most authoritative and dependable source of parcel mapping, ownership and easement data, and registered plan images. Our systems provide on-demand and direct access to reputable, adaptable, and trustworthy land registry and land related data via a user-friendly customer interface. Our core purpose is to be the most authoritative and reliable provider of spatial mapping services and land registry data to our customers.


BeSpatial'24 - Gold SponsorS


EagleView Technologies

When you need accurate data to make informed decisions for the present and future, EagleView is there.

We combine imagery that reveals the finest and most important details with computer vision to help you gain insights into any location—from anywhere.

We’re transforming the way you work to give you the highest level of accuracy in a constantly changing world.

Whether you’re handling business as usual or responding to a catastrophic event, we’re with you every step of the way to bring you the answers you need. With over 20 years of image capture experience and our advances in machine learning, computer vision, and property data analytics, you have the information you need to improve the lives of your customers and constituents.

At EagleView, our work is never done. We strive to put the best technology and most comprehensive information in the hands of every organization that makes people its mission. By looking at the world through a digital lens, we can all build a better future together.


Environics Analytics (EA) is the premier marketing and analytical services company in Canada, helping thousands of customers across every industry sector turn data and analytics into strategy, insights, and results. Established in 2003, we specialize in using best-in-class data, analytics expertise, and purpose-built software to address key challenges in areas such as consumer profiling and segmentation, multichannel media planning and execution, trade area analysis, merchandising strategies and site location decision-making. Our ENVISION platform provides quick and easy access to our comprehensive and privacy-compliant databases—including the latest mobile movement data. Environics Analytics is a Bell Canada compa
2023/02/02; eNews: March 16, 2023

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First Base Solutions Logo

First Base Solutions (FBS) delivers high quality geospatial data and custom mapping solutions to organizations across North America. Visualizing complex information using Orthoimagery, Earth Observation and Spatial data enables organizations to save time and money, by efficiently managing projects, offering superior service and outdoing the competition with improved day-to-day decision making. FBS caters to organizations with diverse mapping needs, technical expertise and budgets.


Founded in 1970, GEI Consultants (GEI) is a multidisciplinary consulting science and engineering firm with more than 1,400 staff and 56 offices in North America. GEI’s presence in the Canadian market began in 2018 and has grown to 350+ team members across southern Ontario. Most recently, GEI Consultants and GM BluePlan Engineering Limited merged forming one of the largest privately held municipal engineering consulting firms in Ontario.

We are a diverse team who actively listens, thinks differently, and is passionate about delivering balanced environmental, economic, and social outcomes. Our primary Canadian services are geotechnical engineering, environmental and ecological sciences, water resources engineering, land development, foundations & geostructural engineering, structural engineering and construction management. We are accustomed to serving as strategic advisors and facilitating complex regulatory approvals.

GEI works with public and private sector clients, industry associations, institutions, and Environmental Non-governmental Organizations, providing specialized knowledge and experience in land development, energy, infrastructure and transportation markets.


BeSpatial'24 - Bronze Sponsors

Airborne Imaging, a Barr GeoSpatial Company, is a leading provider of geospatial services using aerial LiDAR, imaging, surveillance and methane leak detection to help map assets and critical infrastructure across North America. Our advanced fleet of over 25 sensors and 50 aircraft, helps us collect and deliver valuable information that protect client assets, critical infrastructure, and natural resources through advanced data processing.

Airborne is the largest independent aerial LiDAR acquisition provider in North America offering a full range of services including aerial acquisition, ground control, processing, and analytics. We have collected client data for a variety of industries, including utilities, energy infrastructure, forestry, natural resources, and for all levels of government.

LiDAR, Imagery, 3-D modeling and leak detection capabilities provide customers with accurate, up-to-date information. Our advanced technologies are highly effective at identifying and monitoring geohazards, erosion, flood zones, vegetation and other environmental changes over time with high-quality and accurate data. Airborne has one of the largest privately-owned LiDAR libraries in North America, available for purchase. Our constantly expanding and updating library helps customers monitor change and locate potential problems quickly and with precision. https://barrgeospatial.com

Founded in 1989, Consortech is a consulting firm specializing in Geospatial Performance. 

Their GIS and IT experts act primarily on three technological angles:

  • Stabilizing and upgrading the ArcGIS platform

  • Optimizing and automating processes with FME

  • Securing ArcGIS integrations with enterprise systems

Partnering with industry leaders Esri and Safe Software, Consortech sets itself apart by empowering its clients through a collaborative, step-by-step approach aimed at achieving concrete results.

Services range from GIS governance and technology assessment, to the implementation of ArcGIS and FME environments, training, coaching and turnkey projects.

Our goal: to help geomatics leaders shine by leveraging their geospatial data for the benefit of their organization and community!


The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) is a non-profit organization that provides the GIS community with a complete certification program, leading to GISP® (Certified GIS Professional) recognition.

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