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Recent Western Events

Leveraging Geospatial Data for Health and the Environment

October 24, 2023

Thank you to everyone who joined us for an incredible day of insights, connections, and exploration at our event, "Leveraging Geospatial Data for Health and the Environment." The day was a resounding success, filled with impactful discussions and presentations from industry leaders and experts.

Key Highlights:

Diverse Perspectives: Our speakers brought diverse perspectives to the table, covering topics from GIS applications in healthcare to environmental justice and housing data analysis.

Innovative Tools: Attendees had the opportunity to explore cutting-edge tools such as Affordable360 and the Community Health dataset, gaining practical knowledge on how to leverage these tools for better decision-making.

Networking: The event provided a platform for networking, fostering connections among professionals, academics, and enthusiasts passionate about the intersection of geospatial data, health, and the environment.

Engaging Discussions: Interactive sessions and live GIS maps added a dynamic element to the event, sparking engaging discussions and insights that will undoubtedly shape future endeavors in the field.

What's Next? The success of this event inspires us to continue pushing boundaries and exploring the transformative power of geospatial data. Stay tuned for future events, where we'll delve deeper into emerging trends and innovative applications in the ever-evolving landscape of GIS. Mark your calendars for our AGM and Bespatial Event BePrepared May 1st and 2nd 2024

A heartfelt thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and every attendee who contributed to making this event a success. Your enthusiasm and engagement are the driving forces behind our commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering collaboration in this dynamic field.

A Grand Day of GIS

Grand Day of GIS happened Thursday October 5, 2023.  A big Thank you to our hosts, the City of Cambridge and the GRCA!  

Esri Canada Western Region GIS Partner's Session

Esri Canada hosted a GIS Partner's Session for the Western Region. Esri Canada has some great customer presentations lined up and will be inviting a few more customers to present a project that they’re working on currently. 

February 26, 2020 
RIM Park in Waterloo

Utilities & Asset Management

The province of Ontario has been undergoing a challenging search for new energy and water sources to meet community energy and water/wastewater needs while trying maintain existing infrastructure. Compounding this has been the changing ownership of utility companies through mergers and acquisitions. Increasing government regulations on these utilities to promote a cleaner environment, have also been a challenge.  Come and see how the Geospatial community has risen to meet these challenges.

BeSpatial Western Region is excited to host a one day session focused on using Geospatial tools and technique to manage Utilities and other municipal Assets. All members are welcome.

Date: October 29, 2019

Time: 9am- 3pm

A Grand Day of GIS

Photo of attendees at A grand Day of GIS

The GRCA (Grand River Conservation Authority) hosted a speaker's forum in December bringing together several groups to share what they have been working on as well as tips and tricks. Presenters from the City of Guelph, Centre Wellington, Brant County, City of Cambridge, City of Kitchener, City of Waterloo, Waterloo Region and the GRCA kept the afternoon and information flowing.

Let us know if you would like to host a similar event in your area.

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Join us at the monthly GoGeomatics Socials. Everyone is welcome, students and non-students from all areas of geomatics. Feel free to bring colleagues and your geomatics friends along as well! If you'll be out of town, be sure to check out our other socials being held throughout Canada.

Kitchener Waterloo GoGeomatics February Social and "Geo" Trivia Night

Its TRIVIA NIGHT, come test your GIS and "Geo" knowledge against some of you coworkers and other GIS professionals and enthusiasts. It's an evening of fun facts and quirky questions! Join us for our February social event. The social this month will take place at The Huether Hotel on Wednesday February 12, 2020 at 6:30pm.

London events

No word on the timing of London's next event yet so stay tuned...Event attendees Go Geomatics Kitchener

Join us at the monthly GoGeomatics Socials. Everyone is welcome, students and non-students from all areas of geomatics.

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