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Past Winners

Ontario GIS Hall of Fame Award

The Ontario GIS Hall of Fame Award pays tribute to the distinguished leaders of the geospatial community. Reserved for those whose contributions exemplify creative thinking, visionary innovation, inspiring leadership, unwavering perseverance, and a strong sense of community. Recipients, whether individuals or organizations, are trailblazers whose pioneering work has significantly advanced the geospatial industry, steering it towards a brighter, more resilient future.

2024 - Dr. Barry Wellar, C.M., GISP

2023 - Brian Maloney

2022 - John Bacon

2017 - Sandra Crutcher 

GIS Leadership Award

The GIS Leadership Award is presented to members who have demonstrated exemplary leadership to Ontario's Geospatial and Information community including creativity, innovation, and dedicated support of programs. Reserved for BeSpatial Ontario members with a demonstrated pattern of leadership, recipients have typically spearheaded new initiatives or significantly enhanced existing programs, propelling BeSpatial Ontario into new realms and bolstering our reputation within the professional community. This award honors those whose visionary leadership propels the geospatial industry forward, setting a standard of excellence for all.

2024 - Adam Fox
2023 - Paul Beach
2023 - Paul Giroux
2023 - Andrew Satterthwaite
2023 - Jan Kestle
2022 - Jeff Lamb
2018 - Andrew Lyszkiewicz
2017 - Alex Miller
2016 - Al Little
2013 - LIO - Land Information Ontario: MNR
2012 - Teranet (Andy Mackie)
2011 - Raphael Sussman, Land Information Ontario, MNR 
2008 - Sandra Crutcher
2005 - GeoSmart: Derek Landry
2004 - Susan Chase

John Bacon Exemplary Service Award

The John Bacon Exemplary Service Award is a prestigious recognition occasional bestowed upon individuals for their enduring commitment to BeSpatial Ontario and the broader geospatial and Information industry. This distinguished honor is reserved for those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication over the long term. Awardees epitomize the pinnacle of service, having made significant contributions to both BeSpatial Ontario and the geospatial community at large. This award stands as a symbol of gratitude for their unwavering commitment and invaluable impact on our organization and profession.

*Starting In 2023, the award was renamed to the John Bacon Exemplary Service award.

2024 - Maureen Mountjoy
2023 - Melanie Wawryk
2023 - Tony Lea
2022 - John Bacon
2021 - Catherine Fitzgerald
2021 - Dianne Adams
2019 - John Houweling
2017 - Lou Milrad
2012 - Catherine Baldelli
2011 - Ron Jaros
2008 - Al Little
2005 - Sandra Crutcher
1998 - Jury Konga and Sandra Crutcher
1996 - Sandra Crutcher

GeoDynamo Award

The GeoDynamo Award is presented to exceptional volunteers who demonstrate unwavering dedication to the GeoSpatial community. Recognizing outstanding leadership and selflessness in their contributions recipients strengthen BeSpatial Ontario's mission while elevating the industry as a whole. This award celebrates those who have sparked positive change, inspired others, and demonstrated a profound commitment to service. The GeoDynamo Award stands as a testament to the invaluable role volunteers play in shaping the future of our community and industry.

2024 - Susan Muleme Kasumba
2023 - Wendy Baldin

Best Public Sector GIS

2024 Gold Award: Georgina Fire & Rescue Services

2023 Gold Award: City of Greater Sudbury

2022 Gold Award: City of Hamilton 

2021 Gold Award: City of Guelph

2020 Gold Award: Town of East Gwillimbury

2019 Gold Award: York Region: YorkInfo Partnership

2018 Gold Award: Town of East Gwillimbury: Use of GIS technology to help visualize, monitor and report on new development.

2017 Gold Award: County of Simcoe

2016 Gold Award: City of Guelph

2015 Award: Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre

2014 Gold Award: County of Frontenac

2013 Gold Award (Tie): Cities of Hamilton and Peterborough

2012 Gold Award: Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre

2011 Gold Award: Ontario Realty Corporate for Ontario GeoPortal

2010 Gold Award: Municipality of Leamington

Best Innovation in GIS

2024 Gold Award: The Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium (CANUE) / University of Toronto

2023 Gold Award: Infrastructure Ontario

2022 Gold Award: Region of Peel

2021 Gold Award: City of Richmond Hill: Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) tool

2020 Gold Award: City of Kitchener

2019 Gold Award: Ontario Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines: Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS)

2018 Gold Award: City of Sault Ste. Marie:   Automation of notification to customers for planned and unplanned water and electric events

2017 Gold Award: Town of Oakville: Integration of GIS and JDE Asset Registry

2016 Gold Award: Ryerson University

2015 Award: Town of Oakville

2014 Gold Award: City of Kitchener

2013 Gold Award: Region of York

2012 Gold Award: Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre

2011 Gold Award: County of Peterborough for Trip-Click.com

2010 Gold Award: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

Best Small Organization GIS Award

2024 Gold Award: The West Parry Sound Geography Network

Best Open Source GIS Award

2024 Gold Award: Niagara Open Data Community Consortium

People's Choice MApps Award 

2023 Best App: Town of Orangeville - Street Tree Reporter Best Map: Municipality of Clarington - Distribution and Abundance of the Caribou in the Yukon

2022 Best App: City of Mississauga - eParks Interactive Map Viewer Application Best Map: Shahzaib Saleem - City of Rotterdam Thematic map

2021 Best App:  District of Muskoka - Floodline and LiDAR Mapping  Best Map: Nebyu Woldeyohanes -Debris Flows in the Bow River Valley, between Banff and Lake Louise, using DEMs

2019 Best App: City of Kitchener - Kitchener's Speed Zone Analysis Best Map: Town of Newmarket - Central York Fire Services - 2018 In Review

2018 Best App: Town of Newmarket - Locate My Plow Best Map: City of Kitchener - Growth Management Plan

2017 Best App: City of Kitchener -Kitchener's Citizen Science Project Best Map: Toronto Fire Services - Residential Building Construction Dates

2016 Best App: Town of Newmarket-Playground & Park Improvement Best Map: Ryerson University - 3D Printed Geographies

2015 Best App: Devin Tu - MapYourProperty  Best Map: Region of Halton - Boardroom Map

2014 Best App: City of Windsor - Cultural Mapping Project Best Map: County of Hastings – Limerick Township Historic Map

2013 Best App: City of Vaughan - Vaughan Viewer Best Map: North Hamilton - Child Blood Lead Study

2012 Best App: City of Kitchener - Urban Tree Life Best Map: Town of Newmarket - Trails Map 

Link to MApps (Maps and Apps) Award page

Nathan Adams Student Bursary Award

2024 - Helen Plesko, Fleming College

2023 - Hannah Flores, University of Toronto

2022 - Melissa Jade Greco, University of Waterloo

2021 - Xuyang Han, York University

2019 - Devon Kleinjan, Guelph University

2018 - Nebyu Woldeyohanes, Nipissing University

2017 - Kyle Wittmaier, Nipissing University

2016 - Sean Nash, Ryerson University

2015 - Moeen Butt, Western University

2014 - Nafisa Kassam, Fanshawe College

2013 - Matthew Adams, McMaster University 

2012 - Sandra Murillo, Fanshawe College

2011 - Sarah Thompson, University of Waterloo

Link to Nathan Adams Student Bursary Page

Achieved Award Category Best Web GIS

2023 Gold Award: Town of Newmarket

2022 Gold Award: Town of Milton

2021 Gold Award:  Town of East Gwillimbury: Parks and Trails Web Story Map

2020 Gold Award:  City of Richmond Hill, Honorable Mention: City of Vaughan

2019 Gold Award:  City of Hamilton: Child Youth Health Atlas

2018 Gold Award: Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Program: Public Mapping Portal

2017 Gold Award: Trent Conservation Coalition: Interactive Map of the TCCR, Find Your Drinking Water System

2016 Gold Award: Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry

2015 Award: Halton Region

2014 Gold Award: Region of Waterloo

2013 Gold Award: Region of York

2012 Gold Award: City of Cornwall

2011 Gold Award: Region of Niagara for Niagara Connect

2010 Gold Award: Town  of Oakville 

BeSpatial / URISA Ontario Service Awards

2019 - Dianne Adams (2017-19

2019 - Jasna Filipovic (2012-19)

2019 - Jeremy Luymes (2015-19)

2019 - Scott Barbacki (2017-19)

2015 - Lena Gomes (2008-15)

2013 - Susan Port: (2006-2013)
2013 - Chris Wilkinson: (2006-2013)
2012 - Dianne Adams: (2008-2012)
2012 - Melanie Wawryk (2008-2012)
2001 - Antoni Wisnioski
2001 - Patrick McDade

Membership Recognition Awards

35 Year Members - Founders Club

Alex Miller, President, Esri Canada; 

Jury Konga, Go Open Data, Executive Director

Lou Milrad, Legal Advisory services

Ron Jaros, Former Region of Peel and 

Sandra Crutcher, BeSpatial Ontario,  Executive Director, former City of Toronto

30 Year Members - Diamond Jubilee Club

Shelley Crosby, City of Oshawa

Richard Paola, City of Hamilton

Raphael Sussman, Raphael Sussman Consulting Services

John Houweling, York Region

Jerry Crawford, True North Digital Mapping

Jan Kestle, Environics Analytics

Andy Mackie, Retired, Teranet Inc.

Al Little, Retired, City of Hamilton

25 Year Members - Silver Jubilee Club

Todd Kroeplin, City of Richmond Hill

Mike Power, iLOOKabout Inc.

Jason Davis, County of Renfrew

Jaroslaw Losko, Independent

Janet Vittie, GISP, Retired, City of Niagara Falls

Garry T. Hunter, Hunter and Associates

Dave Salter, Niagara Region

Daryl Martin, City of Kingston

Dan Bainbridge, City of Richmond Hill

Annaliese Vollick, Town of Newmarket

Andrew  Lyszkiewicz, Retired, City of Toronto

URISA International Chapter Award

Each year, URISA recognizes an outstanding Chapter that has sponsored particularly effective activities or has otherwise excelled in serving its membership.

 Outstanding Chapter Award criteria include:
• Innovation
• Outreach
• Education
• Community Impact

URISA Ontario has won Chapter of the year, 3 times:

    • URISA International Chapter of the Year 2011 Award
    • URISA International Chapter of the Year 2003 Award
    • URISA International Chapter of the Year 1996 Award

    2011 Chapter of the year award

    President Lena Gomes accepting the Chapter of the year award from Cy Smith, 2011 URISA International president. at URISA International's annual general meeting.

    Current & Past Presidents of the Ontario Association

    Peter Hettstedt (Immediate Past President)

    Susan Muleme Kasumba

    Catherine Fitzgerald

    Al Little

    Lena Gomes

    Catherine Baldelli

    Tim Hu

    Nigel Roberts

    Ron Jaros

    Donna Edwards

    Jury Konga

    Sandra Crutcher

    Lou Milrad

    John Houweling

    George Lysenko

    Past URISA presidents

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