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GIS Management Academy™ - GIS Equity and Social Justice

  • November 02, 2023
  • 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Webinar


  • Qualifies for CPD professional credits
  • Qualifies for GISP credits
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GIS for Equity & Social Justice Workshop

Date: Thursday, November 2nd, 2023

Time: 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM 

Presenter:  Workshop will be led by Greg Babinski

Greg Babinski is a GIS management consultant and founder of GIS Management Consulting Services LLC, located in the greater Seattle area.

He holds an MA in geography from Wayne State University. Greg is a GISP – Certified GIS Professional.  

Greg is Past-President of URISA and founder and Past-Chair of URISA’s GIS Management Institute. In 2005 he founded The Summit – the Washington State GIS Newsletter. In 2019 Greg was awarded an Ethical GEO Fellowship by the American Geographical Society. In addition to GIS consulting, he is a GIS researcher, author, and instructor. He has spoken about GIS management across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Greg has taught GIS for Public Policy as an instructor with the University of Washington Evans Graduate School of Public Administration.


This workshop will serve as an introduction to recent trends and practices related to using GIS for Equity and Social Justice (ESJ). GIS professionals are bound by the GIS Code of Ethics to consider the impact of their work on society. For hundreds of years, mapping has sometimes been a tool for creating and preserving inequity. During the past 25 years, there have been some uses of GIS for issues related to equity or social justice.
We will explore critical race theory (CRT) and trends in critical race spatial analysis. We will review recent literature and academic programs around the topic of GIS for ESJ. Most importantly we will outline best practices for GIS professionals in doing GIS for ESJ work. This includes creating a data/mapping/application support framework both for their own work and to support the work of non-GIS professionals. Non-GIS professionals will become the largest community doing actual ESJ work with GIS. 

These non-GIS professionals include those who work for agencies, non-profits, and NGO’s with an ESJ mission, as well as government policy professionals who want to use GIS to support an ESJ lens for developing upstream agency policies.

Agenda and Topics Covered

    • Why GIS for Equity and Social Justice
    • GIS code of ethics and moral imperative
    • Principles of equity and social justice
    • The role of GIS professionals
    • The role of ESJ practitioners
    • The role of public policy
    • Critical race theory
    • Critical race spatial analysis
    • How upstream policies impact downstream outcomes
    • Understanding how maps and GIS can be used to create long-term inequity
    • How GIS and maps can expose oppression and inequity
    • How GIS can be used to manage and monitor pro-equity policies
    • Examples of public agencies with ESJ policy priorities
    • Educational resources for GIS professionals

    This workshop has been presented 30 times to more than 700 students. While most of the core concepts are universal, this session is being modified to include some examples and issues unique to Canada. 

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