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Automating Land Planning Applications using ArcGIS Pro

  • October 17, 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Webinar


  • Qualifies for CPD professional credits
  • Qualifies for GISP credits
  • ACEC, CIG, GOOD, MISA Member Registration

Automating Land Planning Applications using ArcGIS Pro 

Date: October 17, 2023, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (networking opportunity from 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM)


Webinar will be led by Matt Davis and Soham Shah

Matt Davis, Director - Canopy Mapping Co.

Soham Shah, Digital Technology Director - Canopy Mapping Co.

(biographies listed below)

See how you can develop automation processes to accept user inputs in the land planning application process using ArcGIS Pro. Simplify your repetitive processes to one click with the development of automation processes using Python. We will walk through technical options that you can get started with today and more complex options that enable you to reduce repetition on your land planning applications.

Remain on the call after the webinar to network and socialize with your fellow BeSpatial members!

Matt Davis is a highly skilled and forward-thinking professional with a strong background in innovation management. With extensive experience in project management and a proven track record of success, Matthew excels at driving innovative initiatives and implementing cutting-edge technologies. His expertise lies in GIS policies, open data software, advanced analysis systems, and architecture deployment of digital content.

Throughout his career, Matthew has consistently delivered exceptional results by focusing on quality, consistency, and improvement strategies. He is adept at conducting site visits and predictive analysis, ensuring the successful execution of projects. Matthew’s ability to monitor budgets and draft comprehensive reports demonstrates his strong attention to detail and strategic thinking.

An inspiring leader, Matthew has a talent for leading and empowering technical teams. He builds productive relationships with clients, technologists, businesses, and stakeholders, which enables him to drive collaboration and achieve shared goals. His background in Fast, Agile, and Urban design processes further strengthens his ability to navigate complex technological landscapes and drive successful technology implementations.

Matthew’s career highlights include his role as the Director/Founder of Canopy Mapping Co., where he has led the company to become an award-winning spatial technology company. He has also made significant contributions as a Strategic Innovation Officer for the City of Hallandale Beach, where he designed and implemented digital maps, software, and usable data, leading to substantial improvements in efficiency and user perception. As a Senior GIS Technologist for Haldimand County, Matthew played a pivotal role in data visualization, analysis, and the implementation of new technology, resulting in significant cost savings and improved performance.

With a diverse educational background, including a Master of Engineering in Engineering Management and several certifications in cybersecurity, project management, and GIS, Matthew possesses a strong foundation of knowledge. He is committed to professional development and is an active member of prestigious associations such as the Canadian Institute of Geomatics, BeSpatial Ontario, and the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association.

Soham Shah, our esteemed Digital Technology Director, brings an impressive wealth of experience in GIS, making him an invaluable asset to our organization. With a remarkable track record spanning both private and public sectors over the past 7 years, Soham has consistently demonstrated his ability to fully leverage and extract the maximum value from the entire ESRI Suite, resulting in substantial benefits for the public interest.

Soham’s educational background is equally remarkable, holding a Bachelor of Science in GIS from the renowned University of Toronto, along with a post-graduate certificate in GIS Applications Specialist from Fleming College. This comprehensive academic foundation has equipped him with a deep understanding of the field and its applications.

One of Soham’s standout strengths lies in his proficiency in customizing application processes, data workflow, and diagramming. His expertise in these areas enables him to develop tailored solutions that precisely meet the unique needs of each project. Additionally, Soham’s mastery of Python automation further enhances his skill set, allowing for streamlined and efficient operations.

Soham’s exceptional talents have not gone unnoticed, as he has garnered recognition as an award-winning GIS programmer. His involvement in prestigious projects speaks volumes about his capabilities. Notable contributions include the County of Grey Economic Development Web Application, the Agricorp GIS Strategic Plan 2022-2025, the Mohawk College IDEAWORKS - Precision Agriculture Research Report, and the Ontario Provincial Premises Registry Project with Geocortex.

With Soham Shah at the helm as our Digital Technology Director, our organization is empowered with an industry-leading expert. His profound understanding of GIS, coupled with his remarkable programming skills and project accomplishments, positions him as a true trailblazer in the field. Soham’s dedication to excellence and his unwavering commitment to delivering optimal results make him an indispensable asset to our team.

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