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City of Mississauga Migrates to the ArcGIS Pro Parcel Fabric

  • March 30, 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Webinar


  • Qualifies for CPD professional credits
  • Qualifies for GISP credits
  • ACEC, CIG, GOOD, MISA Member Registration

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Date: March 30, 2023, Noon to 1:00 PM


Webinar will be led by Heather Page, Hung Giang, and Rajni Gupta

Heather Page, Team Lead - Land Information Solutions Professional Services Team - Esri Canada

Hung Giang, GIS Analyst - City of Mississauga

Rajni Gupta, Supervisor- Data Management Group - City of Mississauga

Heather Page is the team lead for Esri Canada's Land Information Solutions Professional Services Team. She is responsible for assisting Canadian customers implement and optimize their land administration and land records.

Hung Giang is the GIS Analyst in the Geospatial Solutions section in the Information Technology department with the City of Mississauga. The Geospatial Solutions team consists of 40 GIS Professionals, Developers and Project Leaders providing GIS, Asset Management, Work Order, Field Inspection and Data Collection solutions to the organization. Hung has actively developed and supported various applications for data maintenance such as property, street centerline, address, stormwater, and planimetric information. Within the last year, he has helped migrate many of the existing CAD data and maintenance processes over to the ESRI Enterprise Platform.

Rajni Gupta provides overall support to the Data Management Group who is responsible for maintaining the GIS datasets of Parcel, Address, Street, Storm Network, 3D Topographic Mapping, Landuse, Zoning and other datasets. She leads the team for migrating existing CAD Data Maintenance processes to Esri Enterprise platform.

The City of Mississauga is the first organization in Canada to implement the ArcGIS Pro parcel fabric. Together with Esri Canada’s Land Information Solutions team, the City completed a digital land parcel modernization project to transform their parcel maintenance environment from a CAD based system to the ArcGIS Pro parcel fabric, successfully modernizing their parcel maintenance and publication activities.

This presentation covers how the collaborative approach between the City of Mississauga and Esri Canada’s Land Information Solutions team ensured a successful outcome, from data migration through to implementation support, and provides current metrics and lessons learned. It also covers how ArcGIS Pro’s out of the box technology including Tasks, Attribute Rules and Branch Versioning were leveraged, resulting in improvements in daily maintenance activity efficiency and to overall data quality. Finally, it covers how the core ArcGIS Pro parcel fabric model and Canadian Parcel Data Model (CPDM) were configured and extended to best fit the City’s data and connect into existing business systems

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