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BeSpatial Workshops

Unleash Your Strategic Potential by Leveraging an Enterprise GIS Maturity Model (EMM)

Wednesday, May 1 (1:30 – 4:30) and Thursday, May 2 (1:30 – 4:30)

An introduction to The Maturity Method™ using Slimgim Enterprise Maturity Model will provide workshop participants with a holistic view of their organization’s Enterprise GIS programs. This workshop will present strategic intelligence concepts and new management practices geared to identifying program challenges and developing strategies for driving improvements in the short and medium terms. Not only does this approach help workshop participants gain a clear understanding of the current state of their enterprise, it also provides the opportunity to look in the review mirror (a year ago), so they can be prepared for the future.


  • Equip participants with the knowledge and tools to utilize an Enterprise Maturity Model effectively in their strategic planning and decision-making processes.


  • This is a results oriented workshop. Focus will be on learning how to employ a maturity model as a strategic management tool and improvement practice. Participants will have access to a Google sheet template and PDF worksheet so they can hit the ground running with their own maturity efforts during and after this workshop.

Part 1 (3 hrs) - Getting started with The Maturity Method™

  1. An introduction to enterprise maturity modeling (EMM) / Slimgim

  2. What is The Maturity Method™ and how it puts EMM to work

  3. Assessing your enterprise hands on: 

    • how to measure maturity objectively

    • how to estimate per factor likelihood of improvement

    • setting your baseline by looking in the rear-view mirror

Part 2 (3 hrs) - Using maturity model results to data-drive your strategy

  1. Diagnosing your enterprise challenges hands on: 

    • Using the model to identify your program strengths and weaknesses

    • How to identify your threats and weaknesses

    • Defining your core challenges - the results driven approach

  2. Tips on using your results to develop your strategic roadmap for reporting strategy and progress

  3. What comes next?


  • Participants will be provided with resources so they can immediately get results

  • A link to the Enterprise Maturity Model Google Sheet (Slimgim 5.2) will be provided for those that want to work in a copy of this sheet in their own workspace or download as Excel
  • After each exercise, polls and Q&A will be used to get audience participation
  • Two post-workshop open working sessions will be available in May to help leaders put what they’ve learned into practice. These peer group working sessions with Paul Giroux are included as part of the workshop registration (no sales pitch, just results).
Target Audience:

Current leaders in GIS, Data, Analytics and IT or those in technical roles looking to enhance their strategic capabilities for enterprise improvement efforts. This workshop is ideal for individuals who:

  • Hold leadership positions within GIS and/or IT departments or technical teams.

  • Seek practical and effective methods to elevate their strategic approach towards enterprise improvement initiatives.

  • Aspire to leverage the Enterprise Maturity Models (EMM) and The Maturity Method™ as a tool for guiding decision-making and driving organizational progress and performance.

  • Desire to gain insights and skills that enable them to align GIS initiatives with broader strategic objectives and business goals.

  • Are committed to enhancing their ability to assess organizational maturity, develop strategic roadmaps, and effectively monitor progress towards desired outcomes.

This workshop is designed to empower participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of strategic planning and execution within the context of GIS and technical roles. Whether you're a seasoned leader looking to refine your strategic approach or a technical professional seeking to broaden your strategic perspective, this workshop offers valuable insights and practical strategies for success.

Presented by Paul Giroux

Paul Giroux has spent most of his career in web & enterprise GIS development, architecture & administration both in Municipal IT & leading a transformation team in Public Works. Like many of you, he was struggling to create a sense of urgency & awareness with leadership about the exponential growth of technology, the true value of location data & the importance of enterprise & growth mindsets. He felt that if he could measure the organizational impact of leadership & culture on process & data then he could strategically work on ways of improving it. Paul shares this work as Slimgim which he spends most of his free time supporting. Working several years during lunch, evenings and weekends, Paul has been able to grow a movement around his approach to developing maturity-driven strategy. His peers’ belief in his model and method continues to fuel his desire to make a positive impact on our industry. Paul Giroux is a proud GISP with a MSc. in GIS. 

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GIS Management: Developing a Geospatial Business Case – 10 steps to success

Wednesday, May 1 (1:30 – 4:30)

Organizations are often faced with questions of if or when to invest in upgraded technologies and supportive processes. Most medium to large firms have standard forms and templates while other corporations have application questionnaires and web based submittal documents.

These must-do forms tell you where to write, not how to write or what to say. Few teach you how to write effectively and succinctly; how to research appropriately; how to tactically structure your submission and how to capture the soft dollars and indirect values along with simple hard dollars of costs and savings. Our approach will help you with these challenges in ten straightforward steps. The steps are not hard, not complicated and not disrespectful to corporate goals and templates.

Presented by Greg Duffy

Principal Consultant & Chief Catalyst - The Woodfield Management Group

Greg is a strategic and tactical Service and Technology Process management thought leader, author, speaker, facilitator, coach and consultant with substantial international front line, staff and policy experiences in utilities, governments, business and volunteerism.

He has spoken at conferences and business education events in Canada, United States, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to audiences of all sizes. He is a candid and sincere speaker using humour and experiences to good effect.
He is adept at explaining business issues and solution technologies in brief plain language, often with hands in full gesture mode. His career experiences have spanned a broad spectrum of technology driven service and product oriented themes.
He believes strongly in lifelong learning and the pursuit of curiosity. As such, he always looks forward to a new experience and helping new friends deal with new (or old) challenges.

Greg consults and coaches on strategy, tactics and program/portfolio governance for government, utility and business sector leaders and subject experts alike through workshops, speaking engagements, facilitation for program managers, strategic planners and line business unit personnel. His clients benefit from his tackling issues in balance from the supply side and demand side. 

Greg authored "Demystifying Business Cases for Information Technology ... and more ..." available at Kindle and worldwide. He has written many Executive Briefs in true white paper style (not brochure ware) and he has long been published in Information and Technology oriented journals and magazines.

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Alternative and Open-Source Methods for Field Data Collection and Collaboration

Thursday, May 2 (1:30 – 4:30)

An introduction to the set-up, considerations and use of Mergin Maps and QGIS as a platform for field data collection with a view from start to finish and a focus on collaboration and integration with traditional applications such as ESRI ArcPro. In today's world, being able to collect and confirm information from the field using a robust and fluid workflow is increasingly important. Ensuring that this environment is adaptable, collaborative and integrated are keys to long term functional success. This workshop will present a current real life example of such a set up and demonstrate how this may be achieved using open source applications in combination with traditional systems.

Part 1 (1.5 hrs) - Introduction to Mergin Maps & QGIS

1.    Brief introduction to QGIS and the use of an open source platform for field data collection with a focus on integrations.

2.    Demonstration of an advanced example of a field data collection form used for sewer relining site inspections, inclusive of media, and the related workflow for this project.

3.    Setting up a QGIS project in preparation to be used for field data collection:

  • Starting a new QGIS project
  • Downloading the Mergin Maps plugin and setup
  • Initial project properties

Part 2 (1.5 hrs) - Creating a field data collection form and publishing

1.    Demonstration of how to set up a form for a single feature class or table.

  • Use of dropdowns, calculations, restrictions and default data
  • Inclusion of media such as photos
  • Advanced form setup including tabs and group boxes and well as user defined field visibility

2.    Demonstration showing how to create many to one relationships between datasets and creation of related forms for each prime and related feature class or data set.

3.    Testing your form prior to publishing

4.    Publishing and reviewing your form online / testing

5.    Assigning users and synchronizing changes between desktop and field staff

6.    Review of online files created and overall workflow

7.    Integration with ESRI ArcGIS Pro

Presented by James Burn

Manager Data Management & GIS at GM BluePlan Engineering Limited / GEI Consultants

James attended Brock University where he received his B.Sc. in Environmental Geology, and later attended Niagara College receiving a post graduate certificate in GIS and Geospatial Management.

Over the past 25 years, James has worked in the engineering field in both the public and private sectors and is currently the GIS Lead and a partner at GM BluePlan Engineering. In this position, he supports core engineering services as well as the Infrastructure Planning, Wet Weather and Asset Management teams.

James is a Licensed and Certified Engineering Technologist in geomatics as recognized by the PEO and OACETT respectively and is also certified with the GIS Certification Institute and Canadian Institute of Geomatics.

James is the Manager Data Management & GIS at GM BluePlan Engineering Limited / GEI Consultants

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